Nani: Don't torture the body – this is Nani's fitness secret

Nani: Don't torture the body – this is Nani's fitness secret

Hi Nanna : Heroes should come forward and tell the audience that the movie is good these days. Participate in promotions. Only then will the audience create hype about the film. That's why natural star Nani is always active in his movie promotions. And recently, Nani is struggling to take his upcoming movie “Hi Nanna” to the audience. He is busy participating in consecutive interviews. In a recent interview, Nani revealed about his fitness and dieting plans. He answered those wondering how Nani stays so fit.

Just cardio..
When Nani was asked how he prepared for his role in ‘Hi Dad’. He said that he has lost some weight. But the audience has never seen him doing a lot of gym and lifting weights, and he was asked what he does to stay fit. In response, Nani simply said that he is fit because of cardio. When asked what he does to stay physically and mentally fit.. ‘‘ I am always working. That is very important. Staying at home.. not getting up and not working will definitely cause weight gain’’ Nani revealed that he is fit because of his work. 

That will set..
‘‘I will eat anything. I am not professional enough to make such a statement. But what I've seen in people I know is that people who want to lose weight, say that diet, say this diet, stop eating that, stop eating this, gain weight after a while. Because they are torturing the body. Our body is set to what we eat from childhood. It is not good if someone comes and you eat it, it means it is not good for them. Whatever we get used to eating from our childhood is good for us. If you like to eat idli and ghee from your childhood, then it should be the same. We train our body with the same food’’ Nani told me about his eating habits.

It is enough if it is under control..
‘‘If you are used to it from childhood, you can eat even the dishes cooked by mother at home. That is why nothing should be eaten in excess. After eating at home for so many days, suddenly the body could not tolerate a salad. The body is not ready. I understand this. Sorry if anyone took it wrong. You can eat anything, but it is enough if it is under control. Nani advised. And “Hi Nanna'' directed by Souryuv starring Nani as the hero. The film will hit the screens on December 7. In this movie, Mrinal Thakur is playing the role of Nani.. Kiara played the role of a child artist. While the makers are already confident about this movie.. Looking at the released teaser and trailers, it seems that this is a feel good movie.

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