Multigrain Laddu : Recipe of Multigrain Laddus.. These are very good for growing children

Multigrain Laddu : Recipe of Multigrain Laddus.. These are very good for growing children

Healthy Laddu Making : Multigrain is full of micro nutrients. It contains manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, iron etc. These energize your body to perform at its peak. They are also a good source of protein. From adults to children, many health benefits can be obtained from these. That's why you can make tasty and healthy brownies with these. And how to make these? Now let's know what are the required ingredients.

Ingredients required

Multigrains – 200 grams

Gingham – 150 grams

< p>Cardamom powder – pinch

Ghee – 20 grams

Dry fruits – enough for garnish

Preparation method

First light the stove and place the kadai on it. Add multigrains to it. Reduce the flame and fry till the multigrains turn golden. Once they turn slightly brown in color, stop the stove and let them cool down a bit. Then put the fried multigrains in a mixer jar and grind them well. Mix it so that it is not too dry and a bit thick. 

Light the stove and place a pan on it. Add 125 ml of water in it. Reduce the flame and keep stirring until the jaggery turns into a paste. Take some jaggery and put it in water to check whether jaggery has turned into paste. If it changes while it is, the cake is ready. Otherwise cook it for a while. Add multigrain powder and cardamom powder to the prepared jaggery and mix well. Stir to mix the jaggery powder well. Now add ghee to it and let it cool down. 

Add chopped dry fruits to this mixture.. mix well and roll it into brownies. Or you can wrap brownies and put dry fruit mix on it. That's it, tasty and healthy multi grain brownies are ready. You can include these in your diet regularly. Because these have many health benefits. They are full of nutrients. Multigrains are full of dietary fiber. They remove constipation and digestive problems. Promotes bowel movements. 

People who want to lose weight can make these a part of their diet. Its high fiber prevents cholesterol problems. To lose weight in a healthy way you need to eat low calorie foods. The fiber in multigrains lowers cholesterol and prevents heart problems. Because fiber prevents cholesterol from entering your arteries. That is why doctors recommend people with high cholesterol and heart disease to switch to multigrain bread. If people with type 2 diabetes take these regularly, the blood sugars in the body will be under control. They also reduce the risk of diabetes. 

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