Money Plant : Should you grow a money plant in a water bottle? Follow these tips

Money Plant : Should you grow a money plant in a water bottle?  Follow these tips

Indore Plant : Many people grow money plants in their homes because of the belief that it will be beautiful and increase their income. Others grow them out of love for plants. If not.. even if they don't pay much attention to them.. they grow well so they grow money plants for a good look. Moreover, they grow well and easily both indoors and outdoors. But money plants do not grow at home no matter how much care some people take. But if they follow these tips, they can easily grow money plant at home. Plants are a good choice. A small space in the house is enough. There you can grow it easily. It grows easily outdoors. Moreover it purifies the air. Thus filling the surroundings with positivity. No matter how hard you try, the money plant won't grow? But now let's know how to grow it in a glass bottle at home. 

Filter water is better

Take it in a glass water bottle. Take clean or filtered water in it. Find a place where sunlight enters the house. Now take a good branch of money plant. Make sure that the branch has leaves, shoots and roots. Cut the slightly advanced branch instead of the tender one. Now take a glass container. You can also place it in a plastic bottle. If you have used them for anything before.. clean them until their residue is completely gone. 

Place in water like this..

Bottle of clean or filtered water. Add in and fill. Conform if there is water until the money plant cutting is completely submerged. Insert the cutting into the water. Then the plant will not float up. Make sure the leaf stays on the surface of the water after the cutting goes into the water. Keep this bottle in an area that receives indirect sunlight. Do not place in direct sunlight to avoid excessive heat. If the heat falls directly, there is a possibility of breaking the glass. 

When to change the water..

To prevent fungus growth, to maintain cleanliness.. plant Change the water in the glass if the growth is good. But do you know how many days to change this water? It is not necessary to change the water daily for the money plant to grow well, but the water in the bottle can be changed weekly. Keep an eye out for money plant sources. Adjust the plant according to its growth. Depending on the growth of the plant and your desired look, you can cut it in the desired shape. By doing this the plant grows well. 

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