Migraine Triggering Points: These are the factors and foods that trigger migraine.. Be careful

Migraine Triggering Points: These are the factors and foods that trigger migraine.. Be careful

Migraine Causes : Migraine sufferers are hard to describe. This is because the problem is overwhelming for the victims. During a migraine, blood vessels dilate, causing pain pathways in the brain to activate. But these migraine triggers are different for everyone. So some features should be set to control the situation. Because genetic factors, age, sex, hormonal changes, physical and mental stress, actions, sleep patterns are different in everyone. But now let's know about the various types of foods and reasons that cause migraine.


Are you skipping breakfast and lunch for various reasons? But your chances of getting migraines are very high. Skipping meals and reducing calories can reduce blood sugar in the body. A study says that it aggravates headache or migraine. 

Stress, Anxiety

Stress comes from various reasons. But it can trigger migraines in you. About 70 percent of people who experience stress suffer from migraines. According to the Depression Association of America, the effect of anxiety and fear can increase migraine. This is another way to trigger headaches. Dehydration is a major trigger for migraine sufferers. That is why water should be taken regularly. Instead of cool drinks, water should be consumed more. 

Changes in weather

Changes in weather can also aggravate migraines. Migraines can also be triggered by extreme cold, sun, and humidity. Although less research has been done, you may experience migraines with changing weather. 


Exercise can trigger migraines, according to the American Migraine Foundation. Regular exercise reduces its frequency. This is because exercise reduces the brain's natural painkillers called endorphins. It reduces stress. But sometimes exercise is a trigger point for migraine. 

Other than these, allergies, light, sound, smell can also trigger migraine. Certain medications can also aggravate this problem. Grinding your teeth can also trigger a migraine. It puts pressure on the head and neck muscles. Looking at the screen too much will make the problem worse. Sleeping too much or sleeping too little can cause migraines. Migraine also occurs in women even if the hormone levels increase or decrease. Caffeine and other alcoholic beverages like red wine can also trigger migraines. Processed food like cheese, hot dogs, meat aggravate migraines. 

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