Magnetic Mud Pot: Cash on hand? Keep this magic clay pot in your house

Making money? But is there not even a chilli shell in the hand? Somehow all the money is spent and you can’t do any savings? But this is for you. Many people find many traditional ways to save money. It is said that if there is a money plant in the house, there will be no shortage of money. Not only this, they keep putting grains, putting cloves in their wallets, and writing cinnamon powder on them. This is also the case. Follow this simple way to save your money.

If money does not stay in the house, it is considered as Vastu Dosha. Otherwise, they will be sad that luck is not coming together. But a video of an amazingly simple remedy to save your money has gone viral on the internet right now. This video covers how to create and use a money attracting pot at home. He also told how you can make this pot at home.

Magic clay pot..!

Take a small clay pot and put 5 rupees coins in it. That’s why you can wear one rupee and two rupee coins as per your choice. After that 5 types of grains should be taken. These are easily available in the kitchen. The pot should be filled with rice, corn, wheat, barley, any other grain. A red cloth should be covered over this pot. Then close it with a red thread and keep it in the pooja room of the house for 24 hours. Then you can keep it in your closet or somewhere safe.

Why clay and seeds?

The reason for using a clay pot is because it represents the earth. Gravitational force that pulls objects towards itself. The same applies to pot. And the main grains put in it are considered sacred. These are believed to bring good luck in the house. Take a look at that viral video.  

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