Leap Day 2024 : What would be the situation if there is no Leap Day.. That's why this is so important

Leap Day 2024 : What would be the situation if there is no Leap Day.. That's why this is so important

Leap Year 2024 : This (2024) year, which comes once in four years, has come. Generally February month has 28 days every year. But in leap year there are 29 days in this month. This is called leaped. It comes once every four years. But let's think about something.. There are many interesting things about this leap year. Why do we do leap year? How is it celebrated around the world? Now let's know things like since when are you following this leap year.

Earth takes 365.242190 days to revolve around the sun. But it takes more than 365 days. But we have 365 days in a year. It affects the Gregorian calendar. Also allows seasons to start 44 minutes earlier. So this extra day is added to February. This leap day balances our calendar with the Earth's orbit. Without going out of the seasons, it will simulate the annual events and their schedule. 

History of Leap Day 2024

< p>History says that this Leap Era started from the time of the Romans. An extra day was added every four years. But this extra day led to some mistakes in the calendar. The Gregorian calendar was introduced to solve this problem. This calendar made the Earth's actual orbit around the Sun more closely aligned. Leap day was introduced in this. A leap year occurs every four years according to the Gregorian calendar. Due to this leap year, the rest of the year is designed to fall into the earth's orbit without any disturbance. 

In some areas, this leap day is celebrated as Bachelor's Day. Some have their birthday on February 29. Such people funnyly count their age as 4 years as a year. People born on Leap Day are called Leaplings or Leapers. But some birthdays are celebrated on 1st March or 28th February if it occurs on a leap day. Others want to be special. So they feel that their children will feel special. Moreover, those born on a leap day will have special attention. Some even get married on Leap Day. They want their special day to be more special. Others consider Leap Do day to be inauspicious. No good deeds will be done on that day. 

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