Kidney Problems: What is 'creatinine'? Does eating meat damage the kidneys? Who is at greater risk?

Kidney Problems: What is 'creatinine'?  Does eating meat damage the kidneys?  Who is at greater risk?

Diet Tips : Lately, doctors have been more concerned about ‘creatinine’ Testing is recommended. There is no reason for this. These tests are done to know how our kidneys are working. ‘creatinine’ If the levels are elevated, doctors will detect kidney damage. ‘creatinine’ It is a waste product that accumulates in the body. Normally, wastes are excreted from the body through urine and faeces. Otherwise, if there is a level in the blood.. they are considered as ‘creatinine’. This ‘creatinine’ Medical experts warn that the level will increase. Especially those who take meat-based proteins in their blood ‘creatinine’ Kidney patients are advised to avoid such foods as the levels may increase.

If you are suffering from kidney problems it is imperative to make changes in your lifestyle. Only then the kidneys are safe in your body. If kidneys are damaged ‘creatinine’  The values ​​increase and there is a risk of kidney failure and death. But in our body ‘creatinine’  Now let us know about some food items that lower the levels. 

With healthy eating habits ‘creatinine’ Values ​​can be reduced. Follow these diet tips for that.

Protein food should be reduced:

Doctors say that protein food, which is most necessary for our body, burdens the kidneys. If you have kidney problems, it is better to reduce the high protein diet. If you need protein intake, medical experts suggest that fish, egg white, and plant-based protein foods are best. Plant-based protein foods include pulses and dry fruits. Dairy products are also good. But medical experts say that there is no risk if you take protein food according to your body weight. 

‘creatinine’ Do not use supplements:

Our body produces ‘creatinine’ is produced by the liver. Creatinine is used to generate energy in our muscles. It also helps in muscle growth. Usually athletes and gym goers take protein supplements. Due to these, unnecessary ‘creatinine’  There is a possibility of increase in reserves. That's why people with kidney problems should avoid protein supplements.

Drink more water:

By consuming more water, our body produces ‘creatinin’ Doctors say that the levels can be reduced. Medical experts suggest that by drinking water, the kidneys will also function properly. Only then will the impurities and waste be removed from our body and the kidneys will be activated. Experts warn that there is a possibility of an accident to the heart as it increases heavily. According to the latest Nephrology Journal, those who consume too much salt are at risk of kidney damage.   That's why experts warn to stay away from salty bakery products, pickles and junk foods. Instead of these, medical experts suggest that salt consumption can be reduced by using products like lemon,  tomato, and mint. Medical experts say that the levels can be reduced. By having dietary fiber in the food, our kidneys function well without getting damaged, so that ‘creatinine’  Medical experts suggest that the levels do not rise in the blood. ‘creatinine’  It is suggested to eat vegetables, fruits and greens to prevent the levels from increasing.

Also Read : This is the tea that can reduce stomach bloating and weight Presented here as usual. This information is not a substitute for medical care or treatment. If you have any doubts regarding health, you should definitely consult a doctor. For the items mentioned in this article, “ABP Country'', ‘ABP Network’ Note that no liability is assumed.

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