IPL Betting Tips 2024 : IPL season 2024 is starting.. If you bet like this you will be cheated

IPL Betting Tips 2024 : IPL season 2024 is starting.. If you bet like this you will be cheated

IPL Season 2024 : IPL is an emotion for every Indian cricket lover. This is a festival especially for those who want to make money by betting. It is at this time that some scammers come to the fore saying that many bet and earn thousands and lakhs of money. These are trusted sites, they are deceiving cricket fans and people who need money by saying that they give good predictions. Experts warn that if you follow these, you will not get profits.. Experts warn that you will have to see losses. . At this time, if you make bets that you can earn thousands or millions of crores, you should not believe that it is true. Because of this you have to lose a lot. Especially if someone sends you links and fills them in.. don't open them at all. Chances are high that scammers will collect your data whether you bet on it or not. Your bank details will be completely under their control.  

Betting like this will really come..whenever..

Making money is important. But our needs should not bring profits to scammers. Some people believe the words of others and put a burden on their scalp. By doing this you will not get new money but you will have to lose the existing money too. In the beginning, they show you hope of some money to get you into betting, but experts warn that they will trap you and empty everything you have.

What they promote is also for money.

< p>Cyber ​​Police warns that if your favorite hero, cricketer, influencer promotes any betting app or site, don't expect to get money if you actually invest in it. He said that they also promote these sites for money. Some people say that our hero says that this is really a topu site.. They will invest to get good money. They say that even if you are deeply in debt.. even if you are wronged.. that hero will not come to your poverty.

Sadly.. they will believe you and be deceived..

In fact, if you get cheated in this betting.. or if you get a loss.. it affects your parents more than you. Because they will die for you.. they will pay bad money. Debt has to be done. Otherwise the existing assets will have to be sold. Doubt whether you will be there or not. Because we have more men. We take our lives easily because they said two words at home that this happened because of betting. They say two words because of the pain of losing money, but do you know what their situation will be if they take their lives? If the son who wanted to come to hand takes his life in this way, they will become survivors. A similar incident happened recently. A guy doing engineering in loan apps took money and placed a bet. He took money from some other apps to meet them. In the end, when he didn't get money from betting, he was in debt beyond his head. In the end he told his father.. he sold his properties and paid off his debts. But the apps that had already taken the loan were insulted by sending messages about the loan to the relatives of the victim.. He took his life. Experts say that if you really want to bet, you can bet a small amount of a hundred or two. They say it is better to leave it there if it does not come. It is better to avoid the betting trap as much as possible. They will be able to enjoy the match well without worrying about money  Saying Or they say that they give some offers with just predictions like Zomato.. Swiggy.. You can try your luck in such apps. Free coupons are available in these. They say you can enjoy the match by eating a full stomach. 

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