Instant Breakfast: Two recipes with the same batter.. Make instant idlis and doshas like this

Instant Breakfast: Two recipes with the same batter.. Make instant idlis and doshas like this

South Indian Breakfast Recipes: Some people like to eat idlis.. while others like to eat doshas. But if you want to do these two on the same day… it will be a bit difficult. Moreover, the dough should be prepared in two ways. Apart from that, if you can make doshas and idlis with the same batter, what more do you need. Moreover, if you can prepare this recipe instantly, you will also save time. But how can you say no when it offers you amazing health benefits along with the taste? Now let's know the recipe that can make doshas and idlis. Also take a look at its required ingredients.


Ragi flour – half a cup

Bombay Rava – half a cup


Yogurt – half cup

Salt – enough

Water – enough

Baking soda – pinch

Preparation Procedure

First take copper powder in a mixing bowl. Add curd and Bombay rava to it and mix well. Add a pinch of salt and mix again. Add water and mix well until the batter becomes like idli batter. Do not over water. Now add some baking soda in it and keep it aside for ten minutes. By doing this, the rava also soaks well. No, if you don't have time, you can wear it. But keep it aside for ten minutes.. Yoghurt will go well with ragi batter and bombay ravva.

Now light the stove and put the idli cooker on it. Add some water to it.. Apply oil to the idli foil. Pour the prepared batter mixture into the idli plates. After spreading the batter on all the plates.. you have to cover the idli cooker and let it cook. After the idlis are cooked, transfer them to the plates and serve. But now let's see how to make doshas with this same batter.

For doshas

Add some water to the prepared idli batter and make it like dosha batter. Add onion, green chillies and cumin seeds to it if you like and mix well. After they are mixed well, light the stove and place the dosa pan. When it gets hot, add oil.. Pour the flour into doshas. That's it, tasty and crispy doshas are ready. These can be drizzled with your favorite chutney. These are not only delicious but also top in providing health benefits. 

From children to adults these recipes provide many benefits. Apart from that, even diabetics can eat them happily without any problem. Healthy skin, healthy hair will be yours. It is also a very good diet for those who want to lose weight. Benefits the body by improving blood circulation. Keeping blood pressure under control.. removes heart problems. You can definitely try this recipe for a healthy and tasty breakfast. 

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