Bizarre: The young man who went to court over the dating app … would laugh if he knew the reason

That boy is twenty-nine years old. Name Ain Cross. At that age, he could not find a child to love and marry. Tired of searching outside, Ain eventually turned to a dating site. Heard what they heard and asked for money. But in the end the baby was not found there either. That’s right the dating app found out that they lied and cheated on him. He then filed a lawsuit against the dating website. It all happened in America. & Nbsp;

In America & lsquo; Denver Dating Co & rsquo; A dating app. Ain talked to the executive of the company and asked if he wanted a good girl. After dating her, he said he was ready to get married if he liked. He said he wanted a girl between the ages of 25 and 35. To which the company executive said that there are hundreds of girls in their dating app and if they join as a member, they can choose the ones they like. Ain had already raised seven lakh rupees in the hope of a hill. It is learned that there are only five girls in the database of the website that Tira is looking at. None of those five are good. This brought tears to Ain’s eyes. He sued the company, claiming that there were hundreds of people who lied and extorted money from him. We have to see what the court will decide. Last May, a woman filed a similar lawsuit against a dating agency. She alleges that the dating agency showed people taller than her if she asked for a six-footer.

The certificate is also new
Joined. The same vaccination. Only those who have completed vaccination are in demand in the dating app. That is why dating sites have made vaccine information mandatory.

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