Homemade Ice Cream Recipe: Make cool and tasty vanilla ice cream at home in this simple way

Homemade Ice Cream Recipe: Make cool and tasty vanilla ice cream at home in this simple way

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream : March is not even here. February is not even over. But just then the sun is shining in a range. It was scary to go out at 10 in the morning. It is inevitable to go out at a time like this, but when you go home, it feels good to eat something cold. Ice cream is always at the forefront of such cold and tasty foods. From children to adults, everyone likes to eat these. 

It is good to make ice creams at home that can be eaten by the heart. Parents who are in the dilemma of how to make them, whether they can give them to their children or not, can easily make them at home. Moreover, we can make more ice cream at home with the cost of buying ice cream. Moreover, there is no need to spend much time in making it. How to make tasty vanilla ice cream at home? Now let's know what are the required ingredients for it. 


Milk – 2 cups

Sugar – 1 cup

Milk powder – 2 tablespoons

Hot milk – 2 tablespoons

Vanilla essence – half teaspoon

Almonds – enough to taste

Preparation Method

First light the stove and put milk in it. After they boil well add sugar and mix well. Mix well till the sugar dissolves completely in the milk. Now take another small bowl and add hot milk to it.. Add milk powder to it and mix well. This mixture should be mixed like a paste without lumps. This mixture should be mixed in sugared milk first. Now boil the milk well until it thickens. Now turn off the stove and keep it aside until it cools down completely. 

After this mixture cools down, take it in a glass jar and add vanilla essence in it. It should be mixed well so that it is completely mixed with milk. Now cover the bowl. Refrigerate for about 4 hours. Now grind it with a blender and turn it into crystal. Now take the mix in another bowl. Now cover its lids tightly. It can be stored in the fridge for 8 to 12 hours. And the cold vanilla ice cream is ready to take away the heat of the sun. 

While eating this ice cream, you can garnish it with grated almonds and enjoy it cold. If you prepare it the night before, you can eat it comfortably in the afternoon of the next day. You can also eat it with gulab jam. Because vanilla ice cream is a perfect combo for gulab jam. It can be taken not only in the sun but also as a dessert at night. 

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