Holi Hangover Tips : Did you drink bhang during Holi celebrations? But these are the home remedies to reduce hangover

Holi Hangover Tips : Did you drink bhang during Holi celebrations?  But these are the home remedies to reduce hangover

Home Remedies for Holi Hangover : Holi is a festival of colors. But along with these colors there are many types of snacks and sweets. Above all there is bhang. Many take it during Holi. Enjoy every moment with music, colors, snacks and bhang. It is taken to increase the festive fun. While high doses of bhang are harmful, a little too much can cause a hangover. You can follow some tips at home to reduce it naturally. 

Coconut water

Coconut water helps in reducing hangover. Its electrolyte rich fluids reduce hangover. In addition, it restores the lost nutrients in the body. Chances of dehydration are high during a hangover. So drink water often. Staying hydrated not only reduces hangovers, but also removes toxins from the body. Taking cool drinks during this time will worsen the condition. Electrolyte-rich drinks like coconut water can help you stay hydrated. Bathing with warm water at that time is very good. Muscles relax. This will reduce the headache. If the tears are painful, they will decrease. If you take Holi Bhang, go home and take bath with hot water. It also gives you better sleep.

Sleep is important

Getting enough rest can help reduce hangovers. You will get out of it quickly. It helps in relaxing your body. So try to sleep as much as possible. If you get enough sleep… the hangover will reduce. 

Healthy food 

Don't eat spicy food when you have a hangover. This makes the situation even worse. It is better to eat nutritious food. These provide nutrients and energy to your body. Protein food like fruits, vegetables, cereals and lean are good. It is even better if you eat easily digestible food. 

Ginger Tea

Make hot ginger tea and drink it. It removes the ugliness and provides better digestion. Removes flatulence. Gives relief from headache. If you don't want to drink ginger tea, you can eat it directly. Or if you smell eucalyptus oil, you will relax. 

These home remedies will reduce hangover. But not completely avoidable. If the situation is troublesome.. definitely go to the doctor. Otherwise the chances of the situation getting worse are high. 

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