Healthy and Instant Breakfast Recipe: Instant Idli Recipe.

Healthy and Instant Breakfast Recipe: Instant Idli Recipe.

Instant Murmura Idly Recipe : To make idly, you have to prepare the batter the day before. Otherwise, the dal should be soaked the day before. Do you think it is not possible to do both, so there is no other option to go out and eat? It is enough to have maramaras in the house. You can make healthy, tasty and smooth idlis at home. Want to know how to make idli with such maramaras? But this is for you. Now let's know what are the ingredients required for this recipe and how to prepare it. Idli rava – half cup

Yogurt – half cup

Salt – enough 

How to make Idli with maramaras

First wash the marmaras well. Put it in a mixer..make a soft paste. Now take a bowl.. put this flour in it.. add rava, salt and curd and mix well. Make sure there are no lumps of flour. Keep it aside for a quarter of an hour. At this time you can prepare something like chutney or sambar for it. 

Then take the idli cooker and spread the batter in the idli plates. Now light the stove and place the idli cooker on it. Stop the stove after the idli is steamed. That's it, tasty tasty, healthy, smooth idlis are ready. It is very good if you eat them with spicy chutney or hot sambar.

When you don't have time

Whether you are a bachelor.. or with family.. Health If you want to make idlis for the whole family, you can follow this recipe if you want to make instant idlis. Moreover, charcoal is very good for health. It is high in fiber. Besides, it is rich in nutrients like vitamin D, vitamin B, calcium and iron. These make the bones and teeth strong. 

If you want to lose weight..

Idlis made with extra spices are very easy to digest. It is also low in calories. Those who want to lose weight can also make idlis with maramaras instead of gram flour. The fiber in it keeps your stomach full. This will keep you away from snacking. Minerals, vitamins, antioxidants in it give you immunity. It has the properties to ward off seasonal diseases. 

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