Health Tips : Do you know why the doctor examines the patient’s tongue? This is why!

Health Tips : Do you know why the doctor examines the patient’s tongue?  This is why!

Whenever a person falls ill, the first thing a doctor asks us to do is stick out the tongue. Because your tongue reveals many secrets about your health. Doctors can easily know a patient’s  health problems by looking at his tongue. A person’s health can be assessed by the changes in the color of the tongue. Not only that, tongue color also indicates many diseases. Now let’s find out what diseases a tongue color can indicate. 

What is the  color of a healthy tongue?

Medical News Today  reports that for a generally healthy body, the tongue should be pink in color. , has a thin white layer on it. According to the person’s  body, his tongue  color can be light pink or dark pink. A healthy tongue does not have spots  the tongue is moist.

White spots on the tongue give these signs:

If you have white spots on your tongue, these are signs of a yeast infection   Similar problems are more common in children & elderly people. Apart from this, white spots on the tongue can be caused by leukoplakia. Leukoplakia is not usually dangerous, but sometimes it can be serious. Most leukoplakia spots are not very dangerous. However, sometimes it can be a sign of cancer.

Beware of a black tongue:

A black tongue is a warning sign for the body. If the color of the tongue starts to turn black, it is a sign of bacteria or fungus in the throat. Some medicines  Due to diabetes patients, the color of the tongue also turns black. Moreover, this color also indicates serious diseases like cancer & ulcer. In such a situation, if your tongue starts turning black, definitely check with a doctor without delay.

Blue Tongue.. Danger Indicator

Blue tongue indicates heart related diseases. The job of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body. At the same time, when a person’s  heart cannot pump blood properly, the tongue turns blue. Sometimes the tongue turns blue due to lack of oxygen in the blood.

If the tongue is yellow this is the indication:

A yellow tongue is usually considered a symptom of jaundice. However, very few people know that it is a sign of diabetes. In such a situation, if you also feel your tongue is yellow  consult the doctor immediately. t

Note: Information collected from various studies, researches and health journals is here as usual for your understanding. Provided. This information is not a substitute for medical care or treatment. If you have any doubts regarding health, you should definitely consult a doctor. For the items mentioned in this article, “ABP Country”, ‘ABP Network’ Note that no liability is assumed.

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