Heal Your Heels : Check your cracked feet with these simple tips

Heal Your Heels : Check your cracked feet with these simple tips

Heal Your Heels : Cracked Heals is one of the problems that bother us during winters. Although this is a common problem.. its effect is a bit more in winter. Because the skin gets dry in winter. Hands and lips also become dry. Especially on the feet, the skin is thick, dull, and cracked. If the main reason for this is cold, the other reason is less water intake. Many people drink less water because it is cold and they have to go to the washroom. It dries out your skin.  

They are also the cause of broken legs..

Not only because of cold. Prolonged standing, stress on your feet, and wearing high heels can also cause cracked feet. Health problems like diabetes, obesity, vitamin deficiency, nerve damage in the feet can also cause cracks in the feet. But don’t think that this is a contagious disease or that you are the only one. Almost many people are struggling with this problem. There can be many reasons for broken legs. But if you take some precautions.. you can definitely check this problem. But it’s important to know what actually causes your legs to crack. Only then will you know what treatment is set.

If the condition is serious..

A broken leg is not a dangerous problem. But if the cracks are too deep, consult a doctor. Because if the fracture is deep, bleeding pain occurs while walking. If you see a dermatologist before the condition worsens they will treat you properly. This will help your feet heal quickly. If the cracks are less.. you can follow some tips and get rid of them without going to the doctor. 

If less..

If you get this problem due to heels or shoes, stay away from them for a few days. stay Otherwise there is a chance of further damage to the feet. Use soft and smooth shoes. These will help in reducing the pressure on your heels.. If the skin is cracked due to dryness.. you should give your body more water. This problem can be reduced if you stay hydrated. 

Those creams can be used..

Use a good moisturizer or lotions for dry skin. It is very good if they are used before the problem occurs. Even if the legs are cracked, creams are available in the market to heal the cracks. Apply it to your feet every day at bedtime. These will also give you good results. 

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