Head ticks? Follow these tips at home

Head ticks?  Follow these tips at home

Most of the school-going children are troubled by head lice. Scabies in the head cause extreme itching. They also drink blood so they cannot concentrate. Due to this they cannot read properly. Lack of concentration. A single head louse can multiply easily. That’s why you should get rid of ticks quickly. You can get rid of ticks by following some tips at home.

Ticks are more likely to occur when the hair is dirty. So wash your head twice a week. If the ticks reach the head, they will drink blood profusely. Because their food is blood. People who suffer from head lice can quickly become anemic. Also the hair falls out quickly. Such people should mix curd and lemon juice and apply the mixture to the calf. Wash off well after half an hour. Ticks are also likely to be flushed out with the water when bathing. Also, if you have head lice, follow a small tip with neem and tulsi leaves. Add neem and tulsi leaves in a mixer and make a paste. Take the mixture in a bowl and add turmeric and coconut oil. Stir the mixture to coat the lamb. After the hair is completely dry, take a shower. Ticks are not able to bear the smell and it is possible to leave with water. Those eggs quickly turn into ticks. So be careful beforehand. Make it a habit to mix some aniseed oil in coconut oil and apply it on your hair. The smell of anise keeps ticks away from the head. It is good to mix some baking soda in water and apply it on the hair. The smell of baking soda is also unpleasant for ticks. Frequent combing of the head with a tick comb can cause the ticks to fall off. Make it a habit to keep the cow clean. Avoid those that are especially prone to ticks. If the head itches often, find out if it is due to ticks. Even if you don’t pay attention to it for a week, there is a possibility that the rash will break out on the head. 

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