Godhuma Dosa : Tasty and crispy wheat dosa.. This is the instant recipe

Godhuma Dosa : Tasty and crispy wheat dosa.. This is the instant recipe

Tasty Breakfast Recipe : Monday is enough. Children go to school and adults go to office. After relaxing a bit on Sunday, getting up early in the morning is lazy. At that time, it is difficult to eat or cook anything. If you are in the same phase, you can prepare Instant Dosa Recipe at home. It doesn't take much effort to do this. If you don't think it's your thing for ten minutes, it can lead to a lot of trouble. How to make Wheat Dosa Recipe? What are the required ingredients? Now let's know things like. 


Wheat flour – half cup

Rice flour – quarter cup

Ginger – inch

Onion – 1 big

Yogurt – 1 tbsp 

Preparation Method

Grind onion, ginger and green chilli well and keep aside. Now take a mixing bowl and add wheat flour, rice flour, salt and asafoetida to it and mix well. Add green chillies, curry leaves, cumin seeds, onion and ginger to it and mix well. Mix the flour well without adding water to this mixture. Add the necessary water to prepare the batter for the doshas. Mix well without lumps in the flour. Add curd to it and keep it aside for ten minutes.

Now light the stove and place the dosa pan on it. Once it is hot add oil and take the dosa mixture prepared earlier. Mix the flour well again and pour the doshas. Add some oil to the edges and fry the doshas on medium flame. After one side is cooked, flip the dosa to the other side and bake. It is good to flip the dosa when its edges become golden color and crispy. By doing this, there is no need to burn the other side. Doshas can also be made with the rest of the flour. Keep mixing the flour once again. Otherwise the batter will reach the bottom. 

You can have wheat dosa made like this with coconut or groundnut chutneys or powders. These are very good in taste. Gives you a nice crispy feeling in the morning. Curd helps in making the doshas golden in color. So these bugs are interesting to look at. Everyone from children to adults can eat them comfortably. 

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