Gobi Manchurian: Ban on Gobi Manchurian.

Gobi Manchurian: Ban on Gobi Manchurian.

Goa Gobi Manchuria: Gobi Manchuria is one of the favorite snacks of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The number of people who eat Gobi Manchuria is slightly more than Chicken Manchuria. Many people take it as an evening snack. That is why it is sold in almost all food stalls and restaurants. But Gobi Manchuria is banned in Goa. Do not sell it, do not eat it. What is the danger of eating Gobi Manchuria? Why is it banned there? And can you eat it here?

Do you like Gobi Manchuria?

Many go to Goa to enjoy it. Then they go to the food stalls and order Gobi Manchuria to stay away from non-veg. If you too are such Gobi Manchuria lovers then wait a bit. Goa's Mapusa Municipal Council has banned the dish from stalls' menus due to concerns over synthetic colors and hygiene. Mapusa Councilor Tarak Arolkar said that this dish should be banned at the end of January.. when he gave evidences about it.. the council quickly accepted them.. and banned this dish. 

Colours, Chemicals

Mapusa said that there is no hygiene in making Gobi Manchuria. The use of synthetic colors is very high, there are various chemicals in the sauces, and powder used for washing clothes is added. Due to this, those who eat it are found to be prone to diseases. The vendors have revealed that they are using substandard sauces which are harmful for consumption. He said that quality sauce is kept on display, but poor quality is used in cooking. In the case of flour as well, it is stated that various powders are used in addition to corn flour.

Clothes powder 

It has been found that the powder used for washing clothes is also used in the manufacture of Gobi Manchuria. That is why Gobi Manchuria is being sold at a low price, he said. But this is not the first time that Gobi Manchuria has been banned in Goa. In 2022, the Food and Drug Administration has issued orders to control it. So be careful when you go to Goa. Don't order Gobi Manchuria by mistake. Because the local people are aware of this but the tourists don't know and sell it. Before ordering anything from such stalls, see how they do it and fix your menu accordingly. If you want to eat it in other places.. better see how they make it.. then eat them. Otherwise there is a possibility of severe damage to health. If you like Gobi Manchuria without all this fuss.. well learn the recipe..  Make it clean at home and pull comfortably. 

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