Gestational Diabetes : If diabetes occurs during pregnancy… will there be an effect on the child?

Gestational Diabetes : If diabetes occurs during pregnancy… will there be an effect on the child?

Diabetes in Pregnancy : Demand for blood glucose increases during pregnancy. If the body does not produce insulin in the right amount at that time, gestational diabetes occurs. It releases high sugar levels and gives harmful results. It occurs in second trimester or third trimester. Elevated blood sugar levels during pregnancy can cause insulin resistance as well as hormonal changes. 

Hormones have the ability to interfere with insulin action. This leads to accumulation of glucose in the blood. This can also lead to weight gain. The body does not release enough insulin to compensate for these effects. This leads to the temporary development of diabetes. This increases the risk to both the mother and the unborn child. So it is very important to monitor the blood sugar levels during pregnancy. 

Dangers are not missing with this diabetes

The problem of obesity increases. Macrosomia can include excess weight in the baby, preeclampsia, premature birth, and sugar problems in the baby. So as soon as this problem is identified, changes in diet, monitoring blood sugar and taking insulin drugs should be done. Fatigue and blurred vision during this time. Symptoms include dry mouth. 

Will there be an effect on children?

Absolutely. If the blood sugar level is high.. this problem also occurs in the child. This causes the pancreas to produce more insulin. So development in children is high. This type of growth is not good. There are more chances of defects and disability in some people. 

If you want to take any precautions..

Regularly check the sugar levels in the body and blood. It prevents problems on blood sugar levels. Facilitates monitoring the effects of diet, exercise, and medications. Light exercises like swimming, walking or prenatal yoga should be done. Healthy weight gain during pregnancy is fine, but unhealthy weight gain should be controlled. Being overweight increases insulin resistance. Increases the likelihood of problems. A healthy life should be led as per the advice of doctors. By doing this, the baby in the womb will not face any problems. Moreover, the medicines prescribed by doctors can be used regularly. 

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