Money: Negative energy if these are in the house … prevent money from coming

Zheng Shui is a science believed in China since BC. It is believed that if the house is set up accordingly, the positive energy will increase and Lakshmidevi will be blessed. Zheng Shui is considered an energy stream in China. According to Zheng Shui, there are some things that increase the negative energy in the house and prevent money from coming in, even if the money is too much to spend. Let’s find out …

1. Dust bin
Dust bin should not be placed inside the house. It should have its position outside the home. If you need to keep a dust bin indoors, clean it daily. & Nbsp;

2. Throwing things in piles
Most clothes are piled up. Items are left in a corner pile without being adjusted. Then the negative energy in the house will increase. So each item must be systematically replaced. & Nbsp;

3. Old Receipts
& nbsp; Old Receipts, Bank Statements, Debts Taluk Papers … Many old financial papers are kept at home. Such things attract negative energy. Get rid of such old papers. If they need to be kept, they should be assigned a place and put in order there. Or it’s best to hide it in digital copies.

4. Dust on windows
The house must be dust-free for positive energy to flow into the house. Dust on windows should be cleaned regularly. This will improve your financial situation. & Nbsp;

5. Dried Plants
Dried plants, dead plants should not be kept indoors. Plants should be grown carefully. The better they are raised, the more positive energy will flow into the house. & Nbsp;

6. Leaking faucets
Most homes have leaking faucets. Don’t care too much about them. In fact a house with such taps will increase the negative energy. According to Zheng Shui, if you ignore the leaking faucets, you are neglecting your home. & Nbsp;

7. Objects that bother you
Many people hide photos, clothing, and diaries of their dead friends and relatives. Do not keep such things as your mind will be filled with sorrow when you see what is in the house. The easier and happier the mind is … the more positive energy will increase in your home. Money is stable. & Nbsp;

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