Fish Curry Recipe: Have you ever tried this combination of copper paste and fish broth? The taste is overwhelming

Fish Curry Recipe: Have you ever tried this combination of copper paste and fish broth?  The taste is overwhelming

Sunday Special Recipe : Have you ever eaten copper paste which has many good health benefits in fish broth without much spices? In some areas this combination is eaten well. Fish soup has a heroic level of taste in copper paste than in rice. They say. But now let's know how to make this fish soup which is cooked in ragimdu and tasty without much spice. p>

Onions – 3

Green chillies – 7

Dill – 1 tsp

Ginger – inch

Garlic – 7 cloves

Cumin – 1 cumin

Oil – 4 tsp 

Kasturi methi – 1 tsp

Salt – enough to taste

Chili – 2 spoons

Yellow – pinch

Tamarind – 50 grams

Coriander – 1 bunch small

Method of preparation

First soak tamarind in water. Peel the onions and cut them into medium pieces. Now take a mixing jar and add onions, garlic, ginger and cumin seeds to it and make a smooth paste. Now light the stove and place the kadai on it. Add oil to it. Add fenugreek and fry. They should quickly add the pre-prepared onion mixture to it. The oil floats to the top as the onion paste cooks. After this is cooked, add kasturi methi to it and mix it well. 

Then add chopped green chillies to it. Add salt to taste and mix well. Add chilli and turmeric and mix well and cook again. When these are cooked, the oil will rise again. Then add tamarind pulp prepared earlier. After boiling for two minutes add as much water as you need. Add coriander and let the water boil. Check if the salt is enough. 

After boiling the broth, add fish pieces to it. First turn it with a ladle and cover it and let it cook. Later, if you need to turn the curry, lift the kadai directly and turn it. Otherwise there is a chance of the pieces falling apart. So turn the fish carefully..put it on the stove..cook it for ten minutes on medium flame. That's it, the tasty fish soup is ready. If you eat it in fish curry combination, it will be amazing.

For making ragi powder..

It is not difficult to make ragi powder.. You can make it by adding copper powder while cooking rice. . You have to take ration rice to cook rice. If you take two cups of rice, one cup of copper powder is enough. First wash the rice well and boil it well. Allow the porridge to thicken and then cover it with copper flour. Cook for a while and stop the stove. After the heat goes down a bit.. use ghee.. make it into lumps and keep it. Why delay, make a cozy fish soup, copper paste and pull it hot.  

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