First pig-to-human kidney transplant: Miracle – Doctors revive patient with pig kidney – First time in the world

First pig-to-human kidney transplant: Miracle – Doctors revive patient with pig kidney – First time in the world

Organ donation is saving many lives. However, many patients still need organs. Especially for patients suffering from kidney problems, their availability has skyrocketed. In this context, medical researchers are looking for new ways. As part of that, recently a pig kidney was successfully transplanted into a human. Doctors announced that a kidney harvested from a pig had been genetically modified and transplanted into a living human for the first time.

After 70 years again in the same hospital‌..

First time in 1954 Massachusetts General Kidney transplant treatment was done in the hospital. Back in the same hospital, after about 70 years, a 62-year-old man with chronic kidney disease was transplanted with these pig kidneys and brought to life. The doctors there also say that he is currently recovering. The transplanted pig kidney is expected to function in his body for some time. If better results are seen, efforts will be made to make it fully available.

Hope for organ failure patients

This kidney patient named Slayman has been under treatment for 11 years. He had chronic health problems like diabetes and BP for many years. His kidneys were damaged due to their side effects. In 2018, a kidney harvested from a human donor was transplanted for the first time. After 5 years, the kidney also failed, so dialysis was started again.

Last year, it was confirmed that he had reached the end stage of kidney disease. Then the doctors explained to him about the transplant with a pig kidney. Slayman said on this occasion.. ‘‘Not only to save my life, but I thought it was a way to give hope to many people who need organ transplant’’ He said. Dr. Farsia Wagefi, Chief of Surgical Transplantation at Southwestern Medical Center, who led this surgery, told the media that it is very happy that many years of hard work has come to fruition.

This happened


Kidneys are first harvested from pigs. A company called eGenesis Bio has completed the genetic process to genetically adapt it to the human body. The process of converting pig kidney to human body started in 1960s. It didn't take long to find out that making pig kidneys, which closely resemble human kidneys, in a way that would be accepted by the human body's immune system was not an easy task. They say that the drugs used in organ transplants until now can cause the kidney to fail again within minutes. Genetic experts who worked in this project say that finally Xenotrans Plantation has made this dream come true.

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