Eye Care Tips During Holi : Take care of your eyes during Holi otherwise you may lose your eyesight

Eye Care Tips During Holi : Take care of your eyes during Holi otherwise you may lose your eyesight

Protect Eyes During Holi : Holi is one of the most celebrated festivals in India without any distinction. Everyone from children to adults celebrate this by sprinkling colors. But some people face skin and hair problems while celebrating this festival. But most people suffer from eye problems. Colors that accidentally fall into the eyes.. can harm the eyes. Especially colors containing chemicals have a great effect on eyesight. So let's know now how to celebrate Holi by taking care of the eyes. 

Don't force it..

Sometimes friends force some people during the festive season. Do not force yourself or others to participate in Holi celebrations. Because if they are not alert.. there is a chance of color in the eyes. If you use colors with chemicals.. your friend will inhale toxic colors. Otherwise the colors will go into their eyes and cause trouble. So alert your friends before using colors on them. 

Avoid them..

Many colors available in the market contain mercury, asbestos, silica. , contain chemicals like mica, lead. They cause many problems for the skin, especially the eyes. When these colors fall into the eye, irritation, redness and allergies occur. In some cases, vision may be permanently lost. That is why it is better to resort to natural colors and flowers to celebrate Holi. Apart from providing a good fragrance, they also do not give any reactions on the skin. There will be no eye problems either.

Wear eye protection

The colors you play with are chemical or natural. Protect eyes with spectacles, zero power glasses or shades. These should be blocked so that the color does not go into the eyes. It is better to tie a scarf to protect the skin. 

It is better not to use contact lenses..

It is better not to wear contact lenses during Holi. If the color gets into the eye, the contact lens will keep the color in the eye. Then it aggravates the trouble. In addition, colored hands should not be used to insert and remove the lenses. Also doing this can cause infections. It can cause loss of vision in people who wear contact lenses.

Additional precautions

Do not put colored hands in eyes. You can use your hands as a barrier to protect your eyes and nose from color, but don't put it in your eyes. They spread infections and damage eyesight. In case of eye contact, wash immediately with water. Also, don't rub your eyes. If there is color in the eye.. definitely consult a doctor. That's why you should not self-medicate. Do not wear eye drops either. Otherwise they cause chemical reactions in the eye. Experts say that Holi should be celebrated without harming the skin while protecting the eyes. 

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