Spirituality: Buy or Sell These Things On Saturday… .Saturn will not leave you

Son of the Sun, & nbsp; Chayadevi & nbsp; One of the Navagrahas is Saturn. Saturn’s effect on each is unique, depending on the movement of the planets. But it is said that Saturn has an effect not only on running but also on some of the things we do on a regular basis. Most importantly it is better to worship Saturn on a Saturday but not to buy or receive some items on that day.
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  • Sesame oil should not be bought or received from anyone. Doing so is like actually inviting Saturn home. Because you love Saturn the most, you can bring them by hand, even if you bring them. Shoes should not be bought. Should not be worn. On this day, it is said that by anointing Saturn with sesame oil, offering sesame seeds and adorning it with black garments, the eight poor will be removed and happiness and wealth will be obtained.
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  • Do not buy salt, pepper or eggplant, do not take it from anyone
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