Diwali 2021 Silver Cleaning Hacks: Shine silverware without chemicals; ‘This’ simple method

Diwali 2021 Silver Utensils Cleaning Tips: People are looking forward to Diwali. Everyone celebrates Bhaubeej, Lakshmipujan and Dhanteras in Diwali with their families. Many have also started preparations for Diwali. Before Diwali, household items are cleaned. Many people clean the silver utensils used for worshiping God using chemicals. Stains can appear on unused pots for several days. Here’s an easy way to polish silverware without the use of chemicals. & Nbsp;

Use Sanitizer & nbsp;
Use Hand Sanitizer You can Put a hand sanitizer on the silverware and leave it for a while. Then clean the utensils with a cotton cloth. Soon your pots will start to shine. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Use toothpaste & nbsp;
You can use toothpaste to clean your teeth, but you can also use toothpaste to clean silverware. Add salt to the toothpaste and mix. Put salt and toothpaste in a silver bowl. It will remove stains on silverware. & Nbsp;
& nbsp;
Lemon juice & nbsp;
Lemons are high in citric acid So any metal he can clean. Take 1/2 cup lemon juice and mix baking soda in it. Apply this mixture to the silverware using a brush. He makes silver vessels shine. You can also use aluminum foil & nbsp; for cleaning silverware. You can also use. & Nbsp;

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