Coconut Barfi: Kids special evening snack.

Coconut Barfi: Kids special evening snack.

South Indian Sweet : Now a variety of sweets are available but back then the choice of sweets was all homemade. There are very few options like bakeries and desserts. It can also be said that there is none at all. All sweets are homemade. Coconut Loju is one of such mouth-watering sweets. It is called coconut barfi in a slightly trendy way. This sweet takes you into nostalgica. 

This sweet does not require much ingredients to make. It also does not take much time to cook. But its taste will make you mouth watering. You can make this tasty sweet if you have coconut in your house while doing puja. Moreover it can be stored for a long time. Now let's know what ingredients are needed to make to make it tasty.  


Fresh coconut – two and half cups

Panchadara – 2 cups

Cardamom powder – half teaspoon

Ghee – 1 tsp

Water – half cup


First coconut Grind the nuts well. But instead of light coconuts, choose dark coconuts. Then you will like its taste. But grating the coconut means that many people grate the coconut into pieces and add it to the mix. Doing this will make it juicy. So it is better if you grate the coconut directly. It does not require much effort. But if you have a little patience, you can grate the coconut. 

Light the stove and place a thick kadai on it. Put coconut in it. It gives a nice aroma when roasted. Stay there carefully and fry the coconut. Otherwise there is a risk of it changing. While roasting the coconut, add some ghee. After roasting the coconut, keep it aside. Now add sugar in the same kadai. Add water to it and make sugar syrup. Add cardamom powder and mix well. If you think it's a bit runny.. add coconut to it and mix it well. The sugar melts and mixes well in the coconut. Take it in a plate. Apply ghee to the plate.. Add the coconut mixture to it and let it cool.

Then cut it with a knife. Or put it in moulds.. you can make it as barfis. Applying ghee makes the barfis easy. This sweet is stored for a week and ten days. You can also sprinkle dry fruits in it if you like. You can make this sweet and give it to those who are going to the villages and staying in the hostel. Or better prepare these and serve them daily when the children come home from school. Since it is a recipe that can be made at once.. you will not have much trouble either. Children also like it very much. 

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