Christmas Vacation Ideas for 2023 : If you want to go on a Christmas tour.. go here during the long weekend

Christmas Vacation Ideas for 2023 : If you want to go on a Christmas tour.. go here during the long weekend

Christmas vacation in India : Christmas is not a festival to sit at home. It is a festival celebrated with four people. But during this time there are public holidays. Moreover, the long weekend came during Christmas 2023. But at this time if you want to go somewhere in India to celebrate Christmas here is a list of some places. These will be a good choice for your vacation during Christmas. ​

There are many holiday destinations in India that can be visited in winter. But there are few places that can double your vacation during Christmas. Choose which one is close to your budget and best suits your plan. Now let's find out what are the best destinations for you, your family and friends. Goa was the first destination to visit. Christmas decorations there, sun rays on the beaches will double your festive vibes. Beach parties, live music, special Christmas and New Year events will double your excitement. Here at Goa Church you will enjoy Christmas celebrations. The Christmas sweets and seafood delights found there will become a good feast for you. The beauty of nature will impress you. Christmas means white snow, red lights and green trees. If you go to Shimla, you can see such beauty. Streets with glittering lights.. colorful lights, well decorated houses with decorations will impress your mind. Here you can go to the church in the hill station and take part in the Christmas celebrations. . Here the snow covered Hadimba Devi temple will give you a good experience. It gives you a peaceful, spiritual feeling. There you can enjoy a variety of cuisines. If you love street shopping you can definitely have a good shopping experience here. 


Royal History as City of Lakes It has Udaipur. It gives cultural experience. Here you can take a boat ride on Lake Pichola. The architecture and sculptures there will delight you. Especially during the festive season, decorating them can be an extra bonus for you. Various palaces including the City Palace, Jag Mandir will give you royal splendor. 


There is no need to say much about the Christmas celebrations in Kerala. Almost everyone spends Christmas there. Churches in Kerala are decorated beautifully during this time. A boating trip here will give you a great experience. You will enjoy the pleasant atmosphere among the green trees. 

Why delay.. Next Christmas you select a place and celebrate Christmas and New Year celebrations.

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