Chandra Grahan 2021: The biggest lunar eclipse of the century is going to happen on November 19, ‘Guru’ will make ‘Nechabhang Raj Yoga’ in Capricorn

Chandra Grahan 2021 : According to the Panchang, Lunar Eclipse 2021 is happening on November 19.  This day is the full moon date of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. It is also called Kartik Purnima. The special significance of Kartik Purnima has been told in Hinduism. The special thing is that Kartik month is also ending on this day. That’s why this lunar eclipse is being considered important. A total of 4 eclipses have been formed this year. Out of which two eclipses have taken place. The first eclipse of the year 2021 was seen as ‘Lunar Grahan’. The first ‘Lunar Eclipse’ occurred on 26 May 2021. After 15 days of this eclipse, the second eclipse of the year 2021 was seen as ‘Surya Grahan’. Which took place on 10 June 2021. Now the third eclipse of the year is going to take place in the form of lunar eclipse. The century in which the largest lunar eclipse is.

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Lunar Eclipse 2021&nbsp ;
According to the Panchang, on November 19, 2021, there will be a lunar eclipse at 11:30. The lunar eclipse will end at 05:33 pm.

Sutak Kaal
Sutak rules will not be valid during this lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse is being called partial ie shadow eclipse. It will not affect India. It is believed that the Sutak rules are not followed when the shadow is eclipsed. Sutak period is applicable only in case of total eclipse. According to the calculations, the Sutak period starts 09 hours before the lunar eclipse. Good deeds are not done in this. Pregnant women are advised to take special precautions during Sutak period.

Guru is making ‘Neechbhang Raja Yoga’ 
at the time of lunar eclipse in Capricorn Guru i.e. Dev Guru Jupiter will be present in Capricorn. Where Shani Dev is also seated. Saturn is the lord of Capricorn, while Capricorn is considered to be the debilitated sign of Jupiter. At the time of eclipse, Jupiter will sit in Capricorn in conjunction with Saturn.  Guru, along with Shani Dev is creating a debilitating Raja Yoga in Capricorn. According to astrology, when a planet is resting in its own zodiac and this sign is a debilitated sign of another planet, then ‘Neechabhanga Raja Yoga’ is formed.

Remedies for Lunar Eclipse >

  • Remember God. 
  • Take a bath after the eclipse.
  • After the eclipse you can also do charity work< /li>

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