Lunar Eclipse 2021: Longest in 600 years, the world will witness a partial lunar eclipse of about three and a half hours today

Los Angeles: The longest & nbsp; Lunar eclipse. Today, on the day of Kartik full moon, this eclipse will last for about three and a half hours. Which is the longest in centuries. Will be visible for a large part. This lunar eclipse will be seen throughout North America, South America, Polynesia, Australia and parts of Northeast Asia. Astronomers say they can see this scene in the cloudless sky. The lunar eclipse will also be visible from some parts of India. Will run until 4:16 pm. That means three hours 26 minutes 24 seconds will be taken. Earth will move between Sun and Moon. The eclipse will begin as soon as the shadow of the earth falls on the moon. According to astronomers, 96 parts of the moon will be red at the time of maximum eclipse after 18 minutes during the eclipse. Also often referred to as the ‘Blood Moon’. It is learned that the eclipse will reach its peak after 1:30 pm Indian time. It was initially thought that some parts of India may not be visible. However, NASA scientists said that the lunar eclipse could be seen from some parts of India, albeit for a short time. According to estimates, the last lunar eclipse of the last autumn will be seen from Arunachal Pradesh in northeastern India and some areas east of Assam. & Nbsp;

Bar had seen a partial lunar eclipse for so long. This long partial lunar eclipse can be seen again on February 8, 269.

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