Chanakya Niti: True friend never leaves in these situations, know today’s Chanakya Niti

Chanakya Niti For Motivation in Hindi : According to Chanakya Niti, a true friend can never see you in trouble. A true friend stands like a strong pillar in the happiness and sorrow of a person. The person who has true and good friends is one of the luckiest person on this earth. Chanakya has given some characteristics of a good friend, you should also know them-

Attre Addictions Received Badbhikshe Entushramekte.
Rajdwara crematorium cha yastisti s bandhvah..

The meaning of this verse of Chanakya Niti is that a good friend is the one who does not back down in these situations and stands together, what are these situations, let us know-

Stand together when needed- Chanakya Niti says that a true friend always stands by the side when needed. Doesn’t hold back.

Help at the time of accident- According to Chanakya Niti, a true friend is ready to help at the time of accident. Doesn’t give up on accident, helps.

Collaborate in case of famine- According to Chanakya Niti, a true friend helps in every way when there is a famine or a great calamity.

If the war is going on, keep it together- Chanakya Niti says that true friends never leave at the time of war. Provide support in every way even in this difficult situation.

When one has to go to the king’s court- Chanakya Niti says that when it comes to meeting the king or any senior and high position person, a true friend provides guidance.
< br />Hat to go to the cremation ground- Chanakya Niti says that a true friend does not leave his side even in times of sorrow. No matter how much pain, a true friend always stands by your side.

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