Blindness Prevention Week 2024 : India is top in that problem worldwide.. annual awareness conferences for its elimination

Blindness Prevention Week 2024 : India is top in that problem worldwide.. annual awareness conferences for its elimination

Blindness Prevention Week Theme : Eyes play a vital role, starting from enjoying beauty.. to filling the eyes of loved ones. We believe almost anything with our eyes. But.. we take that vision and eye health for granted. Eyes play an important role in all kinds of things from seeing to knowing about it. But all the credit goes to other things. If you want to know their value, ask those who have no eyes, those who are blind. Can you see the world blindfolded for an hour? Blindness Prevention Week is being held every year to spread awareness about such issues.

All through the first week of April..

There are 37 million people suffering from blindness worldwide. Indians are 10 million of them. In order to give them sight.. creating awareness about blindness.. Annually Blindness Prevention Week is celebrated. From 1st April to 7th, awareness will be created about eye health, eyes and eye donation. From age-related issues, various health problems and loss of eyesight due to accidents, etc., awareness is given on how to protect the eyes in terms of health. These help in reducing the risk of eye diseases.

Indian top worldwide

Public awareness on eye injuries, visual impairments, effective preventive measures, treatment methods, preventive measures Governments and voluntary organizations try to provide. Free eye checkup programs will be conducted, telling what precautions to take in terms of eye hygiene and health. India is the first country to seek a subsidized loan from the World Bank to eradicate blindness. Eye sight is given utmost importance in India. Because India has almost half of the blind people in the world. Governments are working hard to eradicate this problem. 

This year's theme is..

World Health Organization for the prevention of blindness.. annually the international agency, Decides the theme along with other non-governmental organizations. They are performed during those weeks. This year, people will be made aware of eye sight and health, and the importance of eye donation will be explained. 

These are the causes of blindness..

One of the important causes of blindness is malnutrition. . Trachoma and cataracts are also the main causes. Vitamin A causes blindness in children. Cataracts in the eyes of people with diabetes have become the strongest cause of blindness. Most people with visual impairment are over 50 years of age. But experts say that if you pay attention to eye health from childhood, these problems of blindness will not be solved. This problem of blindness can be controlled. Govt encourages everyone to donate eyes voluntarily..purely for the benefit of society.. It helps restore eyesight to those suffering from corneal blindness. Other parts of the eye also help develop cures for eye diseases. Everyone should realize that even if you are not there.. the eyes are alive in the form of others. 

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