Bear Sleep: Do you know about bear sleep? If you want to live longer you have to do that!

Bear Sleep: Do you know about bear sleep?  If you want to live longer you have to do that!

Bear Sleep like Sleep: Polar bears who live in the coldest climate in the north and south poles, sleep for six months of the year. Because there is darkness at the Pole for six months. In freezing weather they go into hibernation. All the metabolisms in their body also slow down and fall asleep. Lives sleeping for six months. For another six months they hunt and eat food. But, is it possible for humans? But it sounds like no. We don't need to sleep like a bear for six months. But, it is enough to sleep comfortably for a long time without any interruption during the day. Medical experts say that you can live longer.

More sleep.. More rest

In fact, many studies and medical experts suggest that a man should sleep six to eight hours a day. . Some recent studies show that people who sleep longer during the day live longer. Some interesting things have come out in this study reported by the Washington Post.  Hibernating animals live longer. In fact, sleeping for long periods of time can actually lower your heart rate. Also the physiological processes are slowed down to a great extent. In this background, experts suggest that our body has a chance to live longer due to complete rest. 

Is it possible for humans to sleep like bear cubs?

Cardiologists from Sweden. In a study, it was stated that polar bears do not get any diseases while they are hibernating. Researchers say that this is the evidence that is visible in front of the eyes. Brown bears sleep for 8 months of the year. Research shows that if humans sleep that long, it becomes impossible to survive. Prolonged sleep causes the bones and muscles in the human body to shrink. Also the human body does not store much fat. It is impossible for a healthy human brain to remain unconscious for days. 

Because of that protein… long sleep

The body of polar bears is adapted to sleep for six months. Their blood also does not clot. But humans are at risk of blood clots if they sleep for too long. The HSP47 protein helps bears hibernate for long periods of time without clotting. This protein helps blood cells stick together. Only when the body is injured does this protein prevent blood from clotting. If the blood clots while flowing in the blood vessels, it dissolves the area and prevents the blood flow from blocking.

Special medicine with HSP47

Actually, blood clots in the blood vessels are due to the lack of this protein in the human body. There is a risk of stroke. Researchers say that blockages in blood vessels are the cause of heart attacks and strokes. Polar bears have HSP47  protein that keeps the blood flowing. As a result, they are able to survive in hibernation for a long time. Researchers hope to make some medicines in the future using this protein. According to scientists, it can be useful to remove blockages in blood vessels.

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