Bathukamma 2023: Do you know how useful Gunugu flowers are not only for decoration of bathukamma but also for health!

Bathukamma 2023: Do you know how useful Gunugu flowers are not only for decoration of bathukamma but also for health!

Bathukamma 2023: Bathukamma is a festival that comes at a time when the entire nature is full of greenery. The grass plant also looks pleasant at this time. That is why all the flowers bestowed by nature are collected and named Batukamma, without distinction between those flowers and these flowers. Bathukammas are immersed on the last day of this festival, which is celebrated to thank nature. All the medicinal properties of those plants and flowers are mixed with water and the percentage of oxygen increases. That is because of the Ayurvedic properties of the flowers that use Bathukamma. We have already talked about the health benefits of Tangedu flowers in Bathukamma ( Click this link to know it). Today let’s learn about Gunugu flowers. 

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Gunugu flowers
All the seeds are blooming like white flour and are abundant everywhere in Telangana &lsquo ;Gungu flower’. There is no one who does not know the saffron flower, which carries dewdrops and reflects the bright colors of the sun. During Dussehra Navratri, for 9 days in Telangana, you can see mounds of marigolds on any street. Especially in the past, Gunugu flower was painted with various colors and piled up in villages. Its scientific name is Celosia. A grassy flower with many medicinal properties. This has many health benefits. 

  • These flowers are used in Ayurveda to lower blood pressure
  • Gun leaves paste and applied to wounds and blisters reduce them quickly
  • This mixture is used to prevent tuberculosis
  • Skin Gunuga flowers solve related problems
  • If Gunuga seeds are consumed..bleeding, bleeding, diarrhea will decrease
  • Gunuga seeds are used in the preparation of ophthalmic medicines
  • People with glaucoma should not take these seeds. Because it is antiseptic
  • Gum flowers also reduce cough, TB and diarrhea
  • Ayurvedic experts say that eating gum seeds reduces urinary infections
  • Constipation, anemia, high blood pressure Gunuga is the only medicine for many diseases.

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Gunugu flower is also known as kodijuttu flower. It is a grass flower..but, this flower is also a leafy vegetable. Just as the flowers of Gunugu are great, their leaves also have great properties. They were once cooked and eaten as a curry. The leaves of this plant have anti-bacterial, anti-diabetic and anti-microbial properties. It is said that if Gunugu leaves are cooked and eaten, it will lead to normal delivery. Those who know about it in the villages will definitely eat it.  

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