Badam Shake Recipe : Badam shake recipe which can be easily made at home.. Not only tasty but also very good for health

Badam Shake Recipe : Badam shake recipe which can be easily made at home.. Not only tasty but also very good for health

Summer Special Drink Recipe : Whatever you want to make at home as a summer special… we think it's better if it's cold. If they go out and drink, there is a fear of how they are doing.. whether it is healthy or not. If you want to do it at home, cooking may not be right. Almond shake is one such. It tastes different if you drink it outside. Moreover, it is drunk more in summer. If you are one of those people..make almond shake at home comfortably. Apart from giving you a great taste.. it also provides health benefits. And why delay.. How to make this almond shake.. Now let's see what are the required ingredients. 

Required Ingredients

Almonds – 50 grams Milk – 1 liter h3>Preparation Method

First add boiling hot water to the almonds.. let it sit for an hour. By doing this, the skin on it comes off easily. After an hour you can peel the almonds. Or you can soak almonds overnight and use them in the morning. Put the peeled almonds in a mixing jar. Now add 200 ml milk to it..make a smooth paste. Take another mixing bowl.. take two tablespoons of custard powder in it. Take 50 ml of milk in it.. mix well without lumps and keep it aside. 
Light the stove.. put milk on it. When they form a lump.. put the almond paste prepared earlier in it.

It should form two lumps. But you have to connect it in between. Otherwise there is a chance of getting stuck. After the almonds get two puffs, put the soaked saffron in it. Add 3/4 cup of sugar. Otherwise add enough sugar to your taste. Mix it well.. Add the custard mix prepared earlier and mix it well. 

After adding the custard.. it should be mixed well. Keep it on medium flame till it becomes very thick. If you want color in it.. you can add a drop of food color essence. If yellow color is applied, the color will be good. No, even if it is a light color, there is no need to apply it. After the almond milk thickens well, the stove should be turned off and lowered. Let it cool down completely.. Take it in a bowl and keep it in the deep fridge for two hours. 

After freezing in the deep fridge for two hours, it will be a little hard.. and it will feel a little liquid. Now take it in a mixer jar. By doing this, the almond shake will be cold and more comfortable to drink. After mixing.. now take a glass and put almond flakes or almond flakes in the bottom. Drink this almond shake in glasses. If you want.. you can also garnish with almond flakes on top. That's it, the cold almond shake is ready. It is not just delicious.. it also gives amazing health benefits. Also it gives you good taste this summer. If you follow these measures.. four people can comfortably enjoy this almond shake. 

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