Artificial Pancreas : 'Artificial Pancreas' which changes the lives of type 1 diabetes patients.. Injected to 1000 people for the first time in the world

Artificial Pancreas : 'Artificial Pancreas' which changes the lives of type 1 diabetes patients.. Injected to 1000 people for the first time in the world

Artificial Pancreas Successfully Treats Type 1 Diabetes : People with diabetes problems have to constantly check their glucose levels and make changes in eating, drinking and lifestyle accordingly. But checking these glucose levels every time becomes difficult. Keeping a check on this problem.. 'National Health Service of England' brought a good news. has created a device that benefits people with type 1 diabetes through artificial technology. 

Not only shows glucose levels..

To continuously monitor blood glucose levels. A hybrid closed loop system has been developed. This is called  'artificial pancreas' or 'artificial pancreas'. Experts say this state-of-the-art device will bring about a paradigm shift in diabetes care. Because it continuously monitors blood glucose levels. Moreover, insulin is delivered directly into the bloodstream at the time of need through a pump.. self-regulates glucose levels. 

Goodbye to injections..

People with type 1 diabetes can adjust their blood glucose levels. Manual insulin injections are taken. In some cases, even if the injection is not available.. or it is difficult to inject, the condition worsens. Sometimes it can even be fatal. If the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin, it can be a challenge for type 1 diabetes patients. Artificial pancreas helps in checking all these problems. Provides a good alternative to injection. 

World first

National Institute of Health Care and Excellence (NICE) NHS technology role in December 2023 Accepted out. It has also paved the way for widespread implementation. In this context, on April 2nd, for the first time in the world, artificial pancreas was provided to adults and children with type 1 diabetes in England. The National Health Service (NHS) England reported that the device would revolutionize the management of diabetes. 

Removal of fatal risks

Artificial pancreas reduces the need for manual insulin injections. Apart from that, it reduces the risk of fatal hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic. Moreover, it also avoids the life-threatening risks of people with type 1 diabetes, fainting and falling into a coma due to lack of insulin. This facilitates patients without the need for repeated blood draws or the need to constantly wear a glucose monitor. 

How it works..

The artificial pancreas is Continuously monitors blood glucose levels. A sensor that measures blood sugar levels is placed under the skin. The readings are then transmitted wirelessly to the pump, which calculates the amount of insulin needed. Delivers insulin at the required level when messages are received. The system integrates a glucose monitor, an insulin pump, and a smartphone app. Adjusts insulin doses over time. 

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