MBBS seats: MBBS seats in PMC are not expected to increase this year also

MBBS seats: MBBS seats in PMC are not expected to increase this year also

MBBS seats in Patna Medical College (PMC) are not expected to increase this year also. The hospital is trying to save the two hundred UG seats available with it. The National Medical Council (NMC) has sent a letter to PMC asking for a fee of Rs 3.54 lakh along with annual details for renewal of MBBS seats available with them for enrolment. PMC management is busy preparing the details demanded by NMC. PMC Principal Dr. Vidyapati Chaudhary said that about 18 pages of form has been sent by NMC. The requested information is being collected. Soon the information will be collected and uploaded on the NMC portal. An annual fee of Rs 3.54 lakh has been arranged for renewal.

Information has to be sent by 10th April: The last date for uploading the information on the portal by NMC has been fixed as April 10. Before this, NMC has extended the last date twice. NMC had asked the medical college to upload the information by March 31. If the information is not uploaded on the portal within the prescribed time limit, the college will not be allowed to enroll for even a single seat in the new session.

There should be uniformity in information: NMC has instructed medical colleges that there should be uniformity in the information sent by them. Apart from this, once the colleges upload the data on the portal, they will not be able to modify it again.

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