Anant Ambani – Radhika Merchant: Do you know the love story of Anant Ambani, Radhika Merchant – this couple 'Tooneega Tooneega..'?

Anant Ambani – Radhika Merchant: Do you know the love story of Anant Ambani, Radhika Merchant – this couple 'Tooneega Tooneega..'?

ANant Ambani – Radhika Merchant marriage.. Now this is the talk of the whole country. For their pre-wedding ceremony, world celebrities are also flocking to India in special flights. Is the marriage of Anant and Radhika fixed by the elders? There is doubt in many people whether they have loved or not. Ananth and Radhika are good friends since childhood. Both of them are best friends.. that friendship turned into love.. till marriage. However, what happens now is marriage. What is happening now is the pre-wedding ceremony. The celebrations started on Friday in Jamnagar, Gujarat and will end on March 3. They are going to get married in the month of July.

This is friendship!

Looking at Anant Ambani.. many are saying how she will marry him. But, if you know about their friendship… that thought will not come. Love is the union of two minds. Understanding each other. Radhika's friendship with Anant Ambani is not current. It has been going on since childhood. Close friends say that it was Radhi who was with Ananth when he was ill. It is said that she was the one who supported Anant in every way.. and gave him courage. That's why, she is very special to the Ambani family.

That's how it started..

Radhika Merchant is also a woman from a wealthy family. A‌n‌core healthcare‌care founder Viren Merchant is the youngest daughter of Shayla Merchant‌ However, Ananth and Radhika did not study together. All of them being wealthy, they used to attend each other's functions. All the children of billionaires used to meet in the celebrations held in their circles. Thus Radhika and Ananth became friends. Since then, Radhika has become close to the Ambani family. Radhika Merchant has to be present in every function in their house. In the end, Radhi was the centerpiece of Mukesh Ambani's daughter Isha Ambani's wedding. As Isha walked hand in hand in the wedding ceremony, everyone started discussing who is the girl. They are surprised to know that she is Ananth's girlfriend. However, before that, one of their photos was doing the rounds on social media. There is another story behind it. 

Love unfolded in 2018.. 

Aanth Road for higher studies‌ Went to Brown University in Island‌ At the same time, Radhika also went to study at New York University. However, it is known that they used to meet there secretly. A viral pic leaked in 2018 also revealed their love. They are very close in same color dress. However, neither their family members nor their friends have confirmed this matter. Nor did he deny it. Moreover, since these two belong to a wealthy family, they did not pay much attention to the rumours. After that there were news that Ananth fell ill due to some medical reasons and then Radhika took care of him. However, Radhika is four years older than Ananth. Anant was born on 10 April 1995. Radhika was born on December 18, 1994. Their engagement took place in the month of January last year. 


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