Anant Amabani : How much change for engagement and marriage? That is the reason why Anant Ambani gained weight again

Anant Amabani : How much change for engagement and marriage?  That is the reason why Anant Ambani gained weight again

Anant Amabani Weight Gain Reasons : Social media is buzzing about Mukesh Ambani's youngest son Anant Ambani's wedding. The photos are going viral. But this guy looked super fit during the engagement. He surprised everyone by losing 108 kg in 18 months. But as fast as he lost weight, he gained weight as fast as he was in the news again. Anant lost weight after making many changes in his diet, exercises and routines.. There are many reasons for weight gain again. Let's know about them now. 

Recently Ananth Ambani.. got married to Radhika Merchant in a grand manner. These photos are now going viral. But the thing that surprises all of them is.. who looked fit during the engagement.. how did he get fat again. Is an unhealthy lifestyle responsible for his weight gain? Now let's look at the reasons behind Anant's weight gain.

This is not the first time that Anant has gained weight..

This is not the first time that Anant has been seen as obese. From the beginning he was overweight due to various health problems. After that, his efforts to become thin were not all. A balanced diet, regular exercises.. brought significant changes in his weight. His appearance was completely changed. It has been a guide for many who are struggling with weight problems. If you look at the engagement photos in 2023 you will understand this. But now things have changed completely. 

Experts say that Anant Ambani's health reasons made him gain weight again. Ananth, who lost weight without any surgery, is suffering from asthma. Nita Ambani said in an interview that it affects his weight a lot. He said he had to be given more steroids due to his asthma which led to obesity. 

How steroids cause weight gain..

One of the problems affecting many people around the world. Asthma is one. It is a chronic respiratory disorder. Swelling and narrowing of the airways can cause difficulty in breathing. Symptoms like cough and snoring appear. Although there is no complete cure for this, it can be controlled by various treatments like inhalers and steroids. However, experts say that a person with asthma symptoms has a lot of difficulty in exercising. 

Taking steroids to control the problem can cause more hunger than usual. This leads to weight gain. Taking oral steroids also increases the chances of weight gain due to fluid retention. Steroids cause water retention in the body. This causes more weight gain. Increased appetite and high calorie foods. These drugs affect metabolism. Stimulates fat storage in the body. Extra fat builds up especially around the stomach. All these contribute to weight gain. Experts are of the opinion that Anant Ambani is also currently suffering from the same problem. 

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