Alia Bhatt Makeup Look : To look beautiful.. follow Alia Bhatt's makeup look

Alia Bhatt Makeup Look : To look beautiful.. follow Alia Bhatt's makeup look

New Makeup Trend 2024 : Alia Bhatt is always ahead in trying new makeup looks and looking elegant with simple tips. Not only try it.. through many videos it also introduces them to the fans. Alia recently made a video with a strawberry makeup look. If you want to look simple and elegant without taking much time, you can definitely try Alia Bhatt's makeup look.

Alia prefers minimal makeup and nude makeup look. The same can be understood by looking at her makeup looks. This Btown beauty says that with too much makeup, the skin gets damaged.. but with less makeup, you can get amazing looks. Also, this strawberry makeup trend has been brought to the fore. She wore this strawberry makeup for a traditional look but.. you can follow this for your regular makeup too. All those who do not like much makeup and look forward to a minimal makeup look can follow this trend. What is this strawberry makeup? Now let's know how to follow it. 

Strawberry makeup look has golden and strawberry tones. You can follow this if you want to break your routine look for festivals, parties or otherwise. It does not require much makeup. But some tips must be followed. Otherwise this makeup look will definitely give you bitter experiences. What are the tips to follow? How to apply?

With skin tint..

Makeup means foundation is definitely used. The base of makeup is called foundation. But no foundation is used for this strawberry makeup look. Its place should be replaced with skin tint. Choose a skin tint that matches your skin tone. It gives you naturally glowing, crystal clear skin without giving you a heavy look. 

Magic with blush..

Face after makeup is done Blush is used to enhance the glam. But blush plays an important role in this makeup look. For this makeup look, you need a liquid blush. Apply the blush over the cheeks in a W shape so that it covers both sides of the nose and forehead. After writing this, use a blender.. Blend the blush well. 

Eye Makeup

Blush is not just for the face.. Eye It is also used for makeup. Apply a little liquid blush on your lids. Apply it evenly on both sides. Now top it off with a shimmery eye shadow that matches the blush shade. It gives you a shiny, beautiful look. 

For the lips

Apply lip gloss or tint to the lips. Before this use a lip liner that matches your lips. It helps in lining your lips. Helps in elevating your look. So use a liner before applying the lip gloss. 


To get a natural glow with less makeup, highlighter should be used. It will make you glow naturally. But you can apply the highlighter by mixing it with your skin color. 

Your makeup look is ready with these simple steps. There is no need to work hard for this. No need to sit in front of the mirror for hours. This makeup look will make you glow simply, elegantly and naturally. So you can follow this trend during your favorite events or while going to office or college. 

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