Adulterated Food Items: Check if watermelon, milk, honey is adulterated or not.

Adulterated Food Items: Check if watermelon, milk, honey is adulterated or not.

Food Adulteration and its Detection  : It becomes very difficult to identify whether the food we eat is genuine or fake. Because they are making them in the range that the fake is better than the original. Especially in Hyderabad we are seeing many news about this adulterated food everyday. Not only in Hyderabad, but also in the surrounding areas. Freshly, the police caught a gang that was making various household products from Parachute Coconut Oil to Red Label Tea. At a time like this, we can learn how to identify adulterated foods in the market with some tips. Experts say that with these tips, you can identify the original and the fake easily.


The demand for watermelons is different in summer. Almost everyone takes it in summer. Some are also forging them to cash in on the same. But with a simple tip, you can know whether it is genuine or fake. That means.. you cut the watermelon in the middle.. put the cotton in the middle of the watermelon piece. If it changes color, identify it as a fake. Because watermelon water does not change the color of the cotton field. The color will change only if it is fake. 


Not only eggplants.. other green colored vegetables can be tested with cotton balls. . Pour water on the cotton them on the color will be seen. If it looks like that, it means they are fake. Unadulterated ones do not change color.

How to detect tea powder?

Take a paper and put tea powder on it. If it releases color.. don't expect good color. Because the best tea powder is colorless. Do you know there are people who dry and sell used tea powder in the market? So be careful with tea powder. Allready used tea powder will release the color quickly. 

How to recognize Ghee..

Ghee is consumed by many people for its health benefits. However.. to cash it, some make adulterated ghee and leave it in the markets. Now let's see how to identify adulterated ghee. Take ghee in a glass.. Put iodine solution in it. If it changes color and becomes blue, it means adulterated ghee. Moreover, iodine does not absorb ghee. 

The color of chili is ok but the taste is not

Take a glass of water. Put a spoonful of chilli in it. The actual chili stays on top of the water before it reaches the bottom of the glass. Does not give any color. If the same is fake, it will change the water color.

How to identify honey and milk?

How to identify honey.. take water in a glass. Add honey to it. If the honey reaches the bottom without mixing in the water, it means it is good. Take coconut oil in a glass. Keep it in the fridge. Good coconut oil will freeze the whole thing. If milk is mixed in a glass and no bubbles come out, it means that they are good. 


If the color changes when rubbed on sweet potato beets, it should be recognized that they are fake. Peppers do not break easily if they are pressed on the table.. If they are fake, the layer on it will be lost. If the peas also emit color, they should be identified as fake. Turmeric should be taken in a glass of water. Add some turmeric in it. Gives less true yellow color. The whole thing goes down. Fake gives more color. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India says these simple tips will tell you whether the ingredients you are using are fake or not. And why delay.. Find out what's fake in your house with these tests.

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