Pakistan is not deterred from showing ‘heroism’ even in times of crisis, submarine upgraded from Turkey

The economic situation in Pakistan is getting worse day by day. The Pakistani rupee is continuously depreciating against the dollar, while the prices of many everyday items have skyrocketed. Pakistan, which has become hollow from inside, is modernizing its weapons to show heroism. Recently, Turkey handed over the upgraded PNS Khalid, an Agosta 90B class submarine, back to Pakistan. Even before this, Turkey has upgraded PNS Hamza.

This Turkish company upgraded submarine

The Turkish company that has upgraded the Pakistani submarine PNS Khalid is named STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade. It is one of the leading companies in Turkey’s defense sector. Recently, this company handed over PNS Khalid to the Pakistani Navy Command in a ceremony. Earlier on April 21, 2021, PNS Hamza was handed over to Pakistan. STM won the tender for the submarine modernization project in 2016. It was the first time a Turkish company was modernizing a naval vessel that was not in service with the Turkish Navy.

What was the upgrade done in the submarine

Many sensors, weapon systems of the Pakistani submarine have been upgraded with the latest technology systems. During the upgrade, the submarine was retrofitted with the original sonar suite, periscope system, information distribution system, command and control system, radar and ESM. Additional features have also been given during the modernization beyond the present capabilities of the submarines. In addition, Turkey has also exported several systems from ASELSAN and HAVELSAN to the submarine. All the upgrades done to the submarine are certified by the international organization DNV. The submarine has been repaired by STM at the Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works in Pakistan.

Outcry in Pakistan due to economic crisis

Due to the huge economic crisis in Pakistan, there has been an outcry. There are long queues for flour, cooking gas, petrol etc. The whole world is afraid that Pakistan may also become like Sri Lanka. In such a situation, several proposals are being considered, including a 10 percent reduction in the salaries of the employees of all government departments to overcome the crisis. The Pakistan government wants more help from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). For this reason, it has accepted every condition of the International Monetary Fund to get a loan of US $ 6 billion. IMF has also talked about sending the team by the end of this month.

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