Special Story! You do not get a job after passing BA, choose one of these courses

Special Story!  You do not get a job after passing BA, choose one of these courses

Courses for BA Pass: Nowadays, wherever you see, there is an army of unemployed graduate degree holders, especially BA pass. Alam, some BA pass young man is forced to become a watchman and some delivery boy. According to a website, the World Economic Forum said in 2022 that out of every 10 graduate youth, only one youth is employable. According to a report, every year about 20 lakh graduate youth remain unemployed in the country, while about 5 lakh master’s degree holders are also unable to find a job. However, such youths are not being included in these, who after graduation get involved in the preparation of civil services.

Looking at the statements issued from time to time by private companies/institutions, it is known that due to lack of graduate youth efficiency or due to lack of any kind of professional knowledge or skill, they are not selected for jobs. Finds. They do not have any such skill for which they can apply in any company or start something on their own. Although this problem of unemployment is there in the youth of all classes (Arts, Science and Commerce), but the maximum number of unemployed people are BA pass only. Looking at this problem of youth unemployment, we have come up with information about some such courses, after doing which they will be able to work to a great extent. So let’s know which course should be done for BA pass students-

1- LLB :

For youths who are interested in understanding the intricacies of law and want to pursue a career in court-related work, doing LLB after BA can be a better option. After doing a law degree, if you work with a senior lawyer, then you get prestige in the society as well as some expenses. However, there is no guarantee of any fixed income after doing this course.

2- Diploma in Management:

After BA, youth interested in management can do one year PG Diploma course in Management. After doing this course, not only do you get information about running a business and its aspects, but for this you are also taught the skills of running a business. After this course it helps to start your own business. There are also opportunities for jobs in private institutions.

3- Journalism :

Today, in the era of digital media, the demand of journalists has increased rapidly. Many people are also starting their own business after doing BJMC or MJSC course. After doing Mosscom or journalism course, you can also work in any news paper, news channel or digital platform.

4- Photography and video editing-

With the change of time, the demand for professional photographers is very high today. Photographers and videographers are needed for birthdays, marriage anniversaries and wedding functions. Many people are earning a lot from these works without any course. But if you also learn video editing, then your career will grow very fast and you will get good earning opportunities.

5- BEd / DPed / DLED:

The best option for the middle income group youth who want to make a career in the field of education is to do B.Ed./D.P.Ed./D.El.Ed. After this, not only do you become eligible to become a government teacher, you can also get a good salary job in a private school.

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