Jharkhand: State government allocated Rs 100 crore for Universal Pension Scheme

Jharkhand government said on Tuesday that all eligible beneficiaries will be brought under our Universal Pension Scheme. The government also decided to allocate Rs 100 crore for this. Chief Minister Hemant Soren had launched this social security program on November 15. Under this, it is proposed to give a pension of Rs 100 per month to all citizens above 60 years of age.


According to a statement issued in this regard, the government has started an open window to cover all eligible beneficiaries of the pension scheme. The process of implementation has also been simplified. Instead of giving pension to limited beneficiaries, the government has decided to bring every eligible beneficiary under this pension scheme. 100 crore has been released for this.

According to the statement, every citizen of the state who is above 60 years of age will be given the benefit of this pension. Taxpayers are not included in this. Apart from this, widows and destitute women who are above 18 years of age have also been brought under it. Unmarried women who are above 45 years of age will also be given the benefit of this Universal Pension Scheme.


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