Bokaro News: Inside the mine, when 4 days used to face death every day, 4 people of Jharkhand defeated ‘Yamraj’

You must have seen this scene in the movies till now, how the laborers get trapped inside a mine and then escape in a charismatic way and come out. But the same thing happened in Bokaro district of Jharkhand. For four days, 4 people were trapped in the mine… they used to face death every day and in the end they not only challenged but also defeated ‘Yamraj’.

Those four days before the death in the mine
Four people trapped in a mine of Parvatpur coal block of Bokaro district in Jharkhand came out safely on Monday morning, creating a festive atmosphere in the entire village.
On getting information about the matter, MLA Amar Bauri reached the spot and met everyone and inquired about his health. BJP MLA Amar Kumar Bauri said that today there has been victory of unity, struggle, patience, courage and confidence in Chandankiyari assembly constituency.
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Four people were trapped in the coal mine for four days
Four persons were trapped in a closed mine at Parvatpur Colliery, Chandankiyari since last 4 days. Day by day the expectations were decreasing. It seemed that all the trapped people would take samadhi in the mine itself. The MLAs were in touch with the district administration after getting information about this incident. Even the rescue team of BCCL, which reached the spot two days ago, had raised its hands and then late last night the MLA had a talk with the district administration and NDRF team. A massive rescue operation was also planned from today i.e. 29th November.
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and a sudden miracle
But even before this rescue operation, the four trapped people came out of the mine early in the morning. Let us tell you that during illegal mining in Parvatpur coal block in Amalabad OP area, all the four people were buried due to the slide. When everyone came out after four days, they were served breakfast and their families thanked God.


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