The fetus will soon be insured for congenital defects


  • None of the heaps of insurance companies in the country insure a child for congenital malformations.
  • Recently, the country’s top insurance company has shown readiness to bring such an insurance policy.
  • This type of insurance cover will reduce the financial burden on newlyweds.

New Delhi: At least one major insurance company has agreed to insure a fetus with congenital defects and surgical problems, in the hope of reducing the burden on the newlyweds’ pockets. The Indian Academy of Pediatric Surgeons (IAPS), which had long consultations with insurance companies and finally succeeded in launching insurance with at least one private insurer – Star Health and Allied Insurance Company – to provide such insurance cover. Is. The company is also in discussions with several other insurance companies, officials said.
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IAPS President Dr. Ravindra Ramdwar said, “Many insurance companies do not offer any insurance cover to the child for congenital defects or surgical problems. This is a huge expense for many families and parents, including young first-time parents who have just started a job and do not have the financial freedom to treat their child in the hospitals of their choice. “
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An estimated 1.7 million babies are born with birth defects each year. While most insurance companies do not provide such cover, families get into trouble due to the high cost of treatment. In the absence of adequate insurance cover for such children, many couples are forced to make a very sad decision and choose to have an abortion when they find out that their unborn child has a minor defect.
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Dr. MD of Star Health. S. Prakash said during an online conference on pediatric surgery that his company is very keen to take responsibility for these young children and he has come up with a new policy under which the couple who have been doing this policy for two years can get insurance money for any congenital malformations that occur to their child. Will be entitled to. The company has completed all its formalities for the policy and is awaiting IRDA approval before the policy is released for the benefit of the general public in the next few weeks.


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