Covacin proved to be the least effective against the Delta virus

Covacin, one of the main vaccines used in India’s vaccination campaign against corona virus, provides only 50% protection against symptomatic covid-19, according to this real world study, which suggests the vaccine is less effective than initially thought.

Researchers at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi analyzed data from 2,714 health workers at the hospital showing symptoms of the infection and April 15, according to a study published in The Lancet infectious diseases journal. The RT-PCR test was performed between 15 May. At the beginning of the country’s vaccination campaign in January, AIIMS staff was offered a special covacin, a vaccine co-developed by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech International Limited.
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The researchers found that two weeks or more after receiving the two-dose, the adjusted effectiveness of the vaccine against therapeutic covid was less than 77.8% of the interim results established during the final phase tests, a study published in The Lancet earlier this month. The researchers said that high infection rates and virus infection in hospital staff may have contributed to the weak real world efficacy of covacin, with the possibility that the delta variant of the time undermined vaccine safety.
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“Our study provides a more complete picture of how the BBV152 performs in the field and should be considered in the context of the Covid-19 growing conditions in India, along with the potential to avoid the potential immunity of the Delta variant.” Ed. At AIIMS in New Delhi. Professor of Medicine Manish Soneja made this statement referring to the scientific name of the drug.
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While various studies suggest that almost all Covid vaccines are less effective against highly contagious Delta variants, which began spreading enormously across India in early 2021, new research on Covacin may destroy the inoculation appeal at a time when India is developing biotech products. Is increasing and because India is resuming shipment of vaccines abroad.
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More than 130 million doses of Covaxin have been given in India so far. India Biotech and the Government of India, which has widely promoted the vaccine, stopped responding to controversy over its approval of the vaccine before it could complete its third phase of human testing in January. Which caused widespread hesitation in the country

The World Health Organization’s independent technical panel took months to grant emergency approval to Covexin in early November, repeatedly asking India Biotech for more data. Krishna Ella, chairman of the Hyderabad-based vaccine manufacturer, said there was a lot of criticism and controversy over the vaccine, which was developed using traditional inactivated-virus technology, which led to the WHO taking so long to legalize the vaccine.
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The researchers said that the AIIMS study did not evaluate the effectiveness of the vaccine against hospitalization, serious illness and death, while acknowledging that the vaccine provides different types of protective cover for protection at different time intervals. Patients were not examined to find out if they had symptoms due to a specific type, and the authors also pointed to a lack of data on concomitant diseases and previous infections.


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