parthiban: parthiban celebrates his birthday with chandru – parthiban celebrates his birthday with chandru


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An actor and director who is different in anything பார்த்திபன் She also celebrated her birthday differently.

He said in a letter to the media,

Hello Press and Media Friends

Recently my birthday, usually I do not celebrate my birthday, because more than the day I came out as an icon, Mr. who introduced me to this screen as an artist named Parthiban. Through Bhagyaraj through them, prosperity in my life started only after I was born.

During my birthday in the 89s and 90s, there were a lot of advertisements in the newspapers and newspapers of the day congratulating me on celebrating the biggest festival. Actor Sivakumar told me that ‘in a few years it may go down a little, and when it goes down your mind will not be sad’. I have stopped celebrating my birthday ever since.

It is true that we die every day and are born the next day. Every sleep is a little death. Only after dawn does it seem that there is still life left, so many times we are born dead. Death happens even when a little dignity goes away. So there have been some deaths in everyone’s lives, and some deaths for me.

From a death I was resurrected by the love of children. Abi, Keerthi and Rocky revived me once again. From then on a hopeful life began again. This year the kids wanted to celebrate my birthday. That celebration is the moment when everyone gathers and enjoys, laughs and rejoices. What seemed to me when they were so arranged seemed to do another useful thing in it without denying it.

My longtime friend is a judge who can turn a birthday into a useful day Chandru They, to know this world through the Jaybeam film, have caused this world to glorify. He has no life in search of this fame. He never thought that all of this would one day be filmed about him, that value would come, that respect might come. This could not have been done if it had been considered so.


He has done all these things regardless of the response. He has led all my shows that I have known him for a long time. But praising and honoring him today seemed to me as a selfish thing as praising myself. So I honored myself by thinking that I could call him and honor him.

Giving him a painting by his friend painter Sridhar and bringing his wife, Mr. Bharathiraja, Mr. Bhagyaraj, Prabhu Deva, Vijay Sethupathi, Ravivarman, Composer Satya, Director Ranjith, the meeting was excellent. Mr. Chandru told the youth as an inspiration that ‘a yogi lived, to get all such pride, to be a good man on the inside in spite of money and fame in this life. Mr. Chandru is a role model for today’s youth to know the value ‘. As well as I wished this birthday would be in some way, helpful to anyone, I was looking for happiness by hosting an event like this. I will share it with you. “Thank you,” he said.
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