Actress 46th Birthday: Sushmita Sen’s boyfriend Rohman Shawl wished her a birthday, wrote- Happy Birthday Babush

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Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is celebrating her 46th birthday today. On this special occasion, her boyfriend Rohman Shawl wished her on social media and posted a throwback photo with her and wrote, “Happy Birthday Babush.” Let us tell you that both of them met on social media, when she saw a message of his in her DM, then she joined Rohman. There is a difference of 15 years between Sushmita and Rohman.

Sushmita is dating Rohman for the last two and a half years

Sushmita Sen is dating Rohman for the last two and a half years. The age difference between Rohman and Sushmita is 15 years. Sushmita Jahan is 46 years old. At the same time, Rohman is 30 years old. Both are living in live-in relationship. Rohman also has great bonding with Sushmita’s two daughters Renee and Alisha.

Rohman is like the father of Sushmita’s children

Talking about his marriage with Sushmita, Rohman had earlier said in an interview, “Sushmita, her daughters (Renee and Alisha) and I are already a family. Sometimes I am like a father to the kids. So sometimes I become a friend to them and sometimes we fight. We live like a normal family and we enjoy it a lot. That’s why we are on such questions. Don’t pay attention to ‘when are you getting married.’ When we get married, we will not hide it.”

Everything changed in Rohman’s life after meeting Sushmita

Rohman says, “Everything in my life changed after meeting Sushmita. As outsiders we have different perceptions about the life of stars. But when you are with her you realize that she is very I work hard. Personally, the thing that changed me is that I started taking things seriously and respecting life.”

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