This is how you can learn time management by observing your mother’s work – PM Modi

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started the Pariksha Pe Charcha program at Talkatora Indoor Stadium. In which Aditi Dewan from Chhattisgarh told PM Modi, ‘My question is that I am worried about this matter, I have to do a lot, but till the end I am not able to do anything, because I have a lot of work to do. . Even if I complete any of my work on time, I get more upset, because I either take a long time to do other tasks or postpone them further. I want to know, how do I complete all my work on time?

With this, PM Modi told the students, ‘We should be aware of time management in life, not just for exams. Working gives satisfaction, not working on time causes delay, time management is very important in life. Analyze your timing. Share your work with ease. Categorize how much time is to be given to which subject. will benefit’

Modi said, often students spend more time on things of their choice, get lost in it, then there are three subjects, which are less liked, but necessary, then you start feeling a burden. Then you think, I worked hard for two hours, but it did not happen. In such a situation, start your preparation with the subject which is less liked and difficult.

Giving the example of a kite thread, Modi said – the thread of a kite gets entangled in each other and becomes a big bunch. A wise man will not use force to untangle that knot, but will open it slowly with great love. We also don’t have to forcefully while studying, we have to solve it comfortably.

Observe mother’s work, learn time management

Modi said, have you ever observed your mother’s work in your home? Although you like it, as soon as the mother came from school, everything was ready. Had to go to school in the morning, so mother had prepared everything. It is very good to see all this, but have you ever observed how good is the time management of the mother. They know when and how to manage time according to the needs of the children. Mother continues to work all day, she does not feel burdened in any work, because she knows, in this hour, this work has to be done. On the other hand, when she gets extra time, she does not sit idle, she keeps on doing one or the other creative activity. Sui will sit with the thread or will do some other work to relax herself.

Modi said, even if you observe your mother’s activities properly, you, as a student, will come to know the importance of time management.

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