These details should not be there in a good resume, otherwise you may lose the job.

These details should not be there in a good resume, otherwise you may lose the job.

Details Not to Include in your Resume: To get your dream job, it is important to have a strong resume that can better reflect your skills and experience. While making a resume to apply for any job, it is most important to know what to include and what to leave out. Keeping this in mind, today we will talk about which details should not be included in the resume. By doing this your resume can become better. Let us know in detail.

personal information

There is no need to include personal information like marital status, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs in the resume. In such a situation, do not write more about yourself in the resume than necessary. Remember that you are going to apply for a job, write as much work related details as possible.

political views

There is no need to write in the resume that you support any political party and what are your political views. This has nothing to do with the job.

work experience

Write about work experience only related to the post for which you have applied. If the previous job has no relevance to the position you are applying for, especially in terms of skills, leave it out. Do not exaggerate your date at all.

Pay attention to the format

– Use a standard format, size and layout. While making a resume, special attention should be paid to which details should be written and how. It is not that you can write anything up or down as per your wish. By doing this you may lose your job. The person interviewing you will know that you do not understand how to make a resume. Along with this, do not use colors or designer word fonts in the resume.

– If you have come for a job interview on someone's advice, then do not write that person's name in your resume.

Along with this, there is no need to write about how the team members worked with you in the previous job and how they behaved.

– Keep one thing in mind, the interviewer who is reading your resume, first of all he wants to know why you want this job and what is your objective. Therefore, prepare the resume in such a way that all their doubts are cleared while reading the resume.

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